Our Salary Guide Offers:

  • Access to the most recent, market-driven salary data
  • Wages tailored to job role, industry, and geographic location
  • Industry-specific projections and considerations for today and beyond

Gain a Comprehensive Look at the Current Hiring Landscape

salaryguidespromoFrankCrum's Salary Guide reports the projected average salary of both exempt and non-exempt positions
within your industry. Backed by data, our guide serves as a tool for hiring managers to gain insight into the U.S. hiring landscape and current compensation trends. 

Grab the Guide That's Right for You

Our guides include location and role-specific information for the following industries:

        • Administrative and Call Center
        • Ecommerce
        • Light Industrial and Manufacturing
        • Supply Chain

Staying on the Pulse of Wage and Market Trends Has its Advantages:

wage analysis  (2)

Win the Competition for Top Talent. Staying up to date on market rates for roles specific to industry and location allows you to offer competitive pay to attract high-quality talent


wage analysis Stay Ahead of the Curve. Staying attuned to market shifts and emerging trends can help you shift accordingly and quickly meet the changing demands of the market and your workers' expectations.


wage analysis  (1)Retain and Motivate Your Workforce. Looking to lower attrition? Start by offering competitive pay. Workers that feel they're being paid fairly are more likely to stick around and stay motivated. 


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