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Top Reasons Why Job Seekers Use Staffing Firms

As a staffing and recruiting professional, I am often asked by job seekers “Why use a Staffing firm?” Some people think that Staffing firms only help with “temporary” jobs, or certain types of jobs like administrative positions. And unless you perceive there is a benefit, you may not even think to reach out to a staffing company for your job search. Many people don’t realize that there is no charge for a staffing firm’s services. So not only is there no risk in working with a staffing firm, there are plenty of good reasons why you should.

Expand your reach for jobs. More and more companies are committed to outsourcing everything but the core competencies of their business. If they make something, they outsource their shipping, their logistics management, their customer service. If they are in the service industry, they might outsource their data collection, technology, payroll and benefits. Consequently, very often these same organizations outsource some if not all of their hiring needs to a staffing and recruiting organization. Everyday your local staffing and recruiting agency (be they a boutique firm, or a large multinational) is recruiting and sourcing talent for their customers. While the job seeker is frantically opening their inbox to see if they have a response to a job posting- the recruiter at the local staffing firm is working directly with a hiring manager to get their candidates hired. Engage with them.

Get a job now, plus the experience to advance later. The types of positions that are outsourced to the local staffing and recruiting company can range from entry level mail room positions to C-level. From fork truck operator to the most technical IT programing position. From construction to finance and healthcare, staffing and recruiting firm’s fill these positions every day. Whether you have the experience or need to earn the experience there is a staffing or recruiting firm that might have a position that is right for you. Work with them to explore a track that helps you reach your career and personal goals.

Enjoy the flexibility of short-term or long term employment. Staffing firms offer a variety of different assignment and placement types. From temporary one day assignments, to temp to hire, long term contingent projects and direct hire. What do all these terms mean? Well, temporary assignments are just that – they are short-term opportunities to cover for a person who is out, or for a seasonal peak in business, or for any reason an employer may just need some extra help for a short time. Some people love the opportunity to work for short periods of time without a commitment to a long-term job.

Temporary assignments are a great way to get your feet wet in a new city or job type, and they can help people discover a career path that excites them. Temp to hire positions give candidates the opportunity to work in a position that is likely to become a permanent job. This is a great way for both the hiring company and the candidate to “try” before committing to each other. Long term contingent projects are often utilized by organizations implementing new processes and technology and call for a longer and more indefinite staffing arrangement. Direct Hire means that a company has a permanent position that they lean on a staffing company to recruit for.

Tap into career specialties and resources that suit you. Some firms specialize in one type of placement or profession, some are more full-service and place a variety of different positions. Depending upon what they have available and what the job seeker is looking for, there may be a perfect match between candidates and certain staffing firms. Here are some questions to consider when you’re looking for the right fit in a staffing firm:

  • Are you looking for a certain job format? Temporary work, part-time opportunities, or full-time work.
  • Are you looking for a certain type of position? Are you wanting to try clerical work, or are you an experienced lawyer, IT person, or welder searching for the right company? Are you wanting to try a few different jobs to discover your preferences and strengths?
  • Are you looking to work for a particular company, organization or industry? Over my staffing and recruiting career, I have partnered with large state universities, municipalities and county school boards, Fortune 500 Companies, and professional sports teams to find their talent. Take full advantage of these relationships and the access they provide.
  • Are you interested in testing and/or training? Staffing firms can test you for a wide range of proficiencies to help you “show” employers that you are skilled. Some of these areas may range from typing skills, to software skills, to trade skills. You may know or discover that you need help to refine a skill in order to secure a good job. Staffing companies may offer some training options to help you get up to speed in certain skill areas.


Just as you would use your network of friends and family to find out where there are job opportunities, why not engage a staffing and recruiting firm’s network as well. It is common practice for organizations that utilize staffing and recruiting to have vetted them significantly. If they are a large organization, they most likely put them through a formal bid process to help them identify who would best deliver the talent they need. It’s usual for direct access to key leadership and decision makers to be provided in order to insure the right people are hired. If the business is smaller in scope, most often their staffing and recruiting partnerships are based on a track record of trust and successful placements. Why wouldn’t you engage yourself as a job seeker into the dynamics of this process? You may be just the candidate that both parties have been waiting for.


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