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Landing a Job in Professional Services

You may be familiar with IT and light industrial positions, but what about roles in professional services?

Professional services is an umbrella term for occupations in the service sector that often require special training in arts and sciences. These roles span various industries, including but not limited to accounting, marketing, and engineering. Some may even require advanced degrees.

Read on to learn more about FrankCrum Staffing’s professional services division, the types of jobs we place, and what you can expect from our customized screening experience.

Professional Services Careers

Our professional services division at FrankCrum Staffing works to place candidates within an array of industries and job types. We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire services for professional positions. Here is a list of professional jobs that we commonly place:

Accounting & Finance

• Accounting Clerk • CPA
• Accounts Payable • Financial Analyst
• Accountant (All Levels) • Internal Auditors
• CFO • Tax Managers
• Controller • Underwriters


• Aerospace • Industrial
• Chemical • Manufacturing
• Design • Mechanical
• Electrical • Packaging
• Estimators • Security
• Firmware • Software


• Administrative Assistants • Executive Assistants
• Call Center • Human Resources
• Customer Service • Legal Assistants/Paralegals
• Data Entry • Office Managers
• Document Control • Procurement

Medical (Non-Clinical)

• Information • Medical Records/Health
• Medical Claims • Quality Improvement

Marketing & Sales

• Account Manager • Copywriter
• Analyst • Graphic Designer
• CMO • Inside Sales
professional services worker sits at desk and writes

You may think that professional services occupations are so wide-ranging; how can one team be equipped to handle so much variety? Well, FrankCrum Staffing recruiters are fully trained and educated in their areas of expertise. They have experience, knowledge, and network connections to help you find an ideal position.

As experienced industry experts, we know what organizations are on the lookout for, and that’s why it’s our job to ask the right questions and get to know our candidates.

Customized Screening Experience

Our number one goal in the recruiting process is to ensure that candidates – like you – find a role with an organization where you’ll fit perfectly. From the moment we begin the job search to the moment you’re placed in a position, we keep compatibility at the forefront of our approach.

Here’s what you can expect during the screening process:

  1. Telephone Interview. We’ll ask in-depth questions about your skills, experience, and job history. This preliminary interview gives us the chance to understand your motivation for seeking a new position. Here, we hone in on the industries and role types that appeal to you and would fit well within your skillset.
  2. Once you’re pre-qualified, we’ll ask you to complete an application, including all consent forms and necessary background information.
  3. Skills Assessment. If applicable, you’ll take skills assessments to determine your level of proficiency related to job requirements. Then, we’ll schedule a follow-up interview to explore questions related to the practical skills specified in the job description. The interview is done via phone, video, or in-person, depending on feasibility and efficiency.

Here are a few common skills assessments that we customize for employers:

professional services worker dials phone number on landline phone
  1. Accounting – Basic & Advanced
  2. QuickBooks
  3. Medical Office Personnel Skills
  4. Medical Billing Knowledge
  5. Call Center Customer Service Scenarios
  6. Call Center Customer Service Surveys

If you’re looking to lock in your dream job in professional services, look no further. FrankCrum Staffing’s team of recruiters are specialists and have the knowledge and network to help you. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, which has allowed us to cultivate relationships with talented industry professionals and build a vast network of connections nationwide. We are dedicated to helping both candidates and hiring managers find their perfect match.

Contact us today to learn how FrankCrum Staffing can help you find your next opportunity.


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