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3 Tips for Turning a Seasonal Position into a Long-Term Career

Some job candidates steer clear of temporary, seasonal or part-time jobs because there’s no long-term guarantee of employment. However, others realize seasonal positions can provide a foot in the door, helping candidates get noticed and potentially, setting them up for a permanent position. Here are some examples of seasonal employers that routinely keep seasonal employees long-term.

UPS keeps about a third of its seasonal staff on permanently every season. In fact, much of the current corporate leadership started in seasonal or part-time positions.

  • Target hires about a third of its seasonal staff for permanent roles.
  • Kohl's places around 20 percent of its seasonal staff into permanent positions.
  • Amazon keeps about 15 percent of its seasonal workforce. 

Here are three tips for turning a seasonal position into a long-term job, no matter the time of year. 

1. Tell Employers About Long-Term Interest 

When you interview for seasonal work, be honest with the hiring manager about your interest in staying on after the busy season has passed. Those who interview candidates aren’t just hiring for seasonal roles, so when expectations are clearly set, they’ll think of those who let them know they were interested in growing within the company.

2. Be Flexible

Seasonal retail jobs are common during the holiday season, also known as the “retail season.” A flexible schedule is one of the top things employers seek in seasonal workers. Beyond scheduling, supervisors are also looking for seasonal employees to be flexible with the duties and roles they take on. The seasonal period is a short one to assess employees, but the standouts are willing to take advantage of the time they have to show how they can fit as permanent, full-time employees.

3. Be a Team Player

Working well with others is another way employees can stand out. Managers often ask permanent employees whether they believe a seasonal staff member will be a cultural fit when considering offering them a permanent position. Making positive connections can pay off even if permanent positions aren’t available because it opens co-workers and managers up to keeping in touch. If there isn’t a current position, those co-workers and managers may think of a strong seasonal employee in the future when a new job opens up. 

Did you know? 

More than three million temporary and contract employees work for America's staffing companies during an average week. During the course of a year, America's staffing companies hire more than 15 million temporary and contract employees.

How a Staffing Agency Helps 

When conducting a job search, some people seek out temporary or contract work because they know the potential for securing a permanent position. Working through a staffing agency can help bridge the gap between temporary and direct hire employment as well. 

According to a survey of staffing employees conducted by the American Staffing Association: 

  • 49 percent chose temporary or contract work as a way to obtain a permanent job.
  • 35 percent were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment.
  • 66 percent accepted the offers of permanent employment.

FrankCrum Staffing places employees in a broad range of industries and settings so that they may utilize their skills and gain more on the job. Assignments can be long or short, depending on the position. Here are some of the highlights of working with FrankCrum Staffing: 

  • Employees are on the FrankCrum Staffing payroll during the pre-agreed term of the assignment, and can be eligible for benefits.
  • The duration of the assignment may vary but the employer typically has the option to convert the employee to direct hire status if they choose.
  • When the candidate and hiring manager are in agreement that a direct hire is the best solution, FrankCrum Staffing works with both through screening, assessment and support processes.

Call 1-888-670-1844 or click here to learn more about working with FrankCrum Staffing.

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