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What Does A Staffing Agency Do?

It may seem that in the 2020s, recruiting would be as simple as posting an open position on an internet job board, rendering staffing agencies unnecessary. Temp agencies had a place in 1995, but a lot has changed since then. Computers and the internet have eclipsed industrial filing cabinets, snail-mail, and fax machines, making business more manageable. Does the staffing agency model even have a place today?

The truth is, staffing companies have evolved in the 24/7 digital age. Through technology, industry expertise, market knowledge, and relationship-building, staffing companies add more value now than ever before, enabling employers to tap their vast resources to keep pace with an ever-changing workforce.

These days, staffing agencies are well-prepared to help employers with all of their hiring needs from placing entry-level workers to executives, on a part-time, full-time, permanent, temp-to-hire, or temporary basis, within various industries.

So what does a staffing agency do today?

Staffing Agencies Prepare the Candidate Search

A staffing agency does its homework before engaging in a candidate search, providing insights on the role, market, industry, salary, and candidate pool.

  • Helps define the role. A professional staffing agency will help you examine and set the position you are trying to fill. Beyond standard job responsibilities, what characteristics will make a candidate successful? What traits best align with the company culture? By building a deep understanding of the role and business, the staffing agency is positioned to bring forth the best possible candidates.
  • Writes job descriptions. A clear and accurate job description helps to ensure all employees align with the company vision, and that compensation reflects the responsibilities and qualifications associated with the role. You can take advantage of the expertise that professional staffing companies have in this area.
  • Researches benchmarks. A staffing agency can provide salary benchmark reports, showing typical salary ranges for comparable positions based on national, regional, and local statistics. An agency can also share candidate supply and demand reports, showing geographic markets with the most available talent. Use this data to inform and guide your hiring strategy.
  • Leverages a ready-made talent pipeline. By the time you engage with a staffing agency, they’ve already spent time developing a talent pipeline. Through proactive search, they’ve built relationships and expertise in geographic markets, industries, and professions. Instead of starting from scratch, you can leverage their leg work.

Staffing Agencies Build a Strong List of Candidates

With preparation complete, the staffing agency implements a strategic recruiting plan to uncover the best candidates.

  • Promotes the position. There are so many ways to promote open positions today. A recruiter navigates the never-ending list of internet job boards, including industry-specific sites, and reaches out to connections from job fairs, colleges and trade, technical, and professional training organizations to build a strong bench of candidates. This time-consuming work is ongoing for recruiters, making your candidate search more efficient.
  • Initiates passive recruiting. Even candidates who aren’t currently seeking jobs might be open to new opportunities. Employed individuals are desirable candidates because they demonstrate a stable work history and offer skills that are in demand. It takes time to uncover and nurture these relationships. Staffing recruiters know how to court these potential candidates and draw them into the search process.

Staffing Agencies Develop a 360-degree Candidate Profile

The staffing agency leads the time-consuming process of vetting candidates so that you only engage with the best of the best.

  • Screens candidates. Recruiters spend a lot of time reviewing resumes and applications, searching for candidates with a desired skill set and experience. But, this is only the first step. The success of a candidate hinges largely on personality characteristics. Good recruiters use behavioral and motivational questions to screen candidates for traits that are important to the employer.
  • Assesses skills. Certain positions demand experience with an application or tool. Your recruiter can introduce a skills assessment early in the search process to ascertain the candidate’s aptitude and proficiency. This valuable step ensures that candidates have the level of technical skill required for the job.
  • Interviews. After the field has narrowed, a recruiter will interview the remaining candidates either virtually or in-person. This conversation aims to deliver deep insights into the candidate’s career objectives, experience, work ethic, personality, and soft skills.
  • Presents qualified applicants. By using technology, industry expertise, market knowledge and relationship-building skills, the recruiter develops a 360-degree profile of qualified candidates and presents them for your consideration.

Staffing Agencies Will Complete the Pesky Paperwork

Once a candidate is selected, there is still more work to be done. A staffing agency will help you tie up loose ends.

  • Verify the candidate’s background. A staffing agency will substantiate the candidate’s experience by contacting at least two previous employers and supplying a background check. In some instances, a drug test, credit check, or motor vehicle records check may also require validation.
  • Hiring paperwork. A staffing agency will support the completion of new hire paperwork, including I-9s, W-4s, and other government requirements.

Staffing Agencies Provide HR Services for Contract Workers

Whether you are hiring seasonal workers, prefer a “try-before-you-buy” approach, or wish to maintain flexibility in staffing, contract (temporary jobs) or temp-to-hire placements may appeal to you.

  • Ongoing support. In the case of a contract or contract-to-hire placements, the staffing agency provides ongoing HR support. The agency remains responsible for the worker’s payroll, benefits, workers’ comp, and assumption of unemployment liability. These services are, therefore, removed from the employer’s plate.

If you work with a staffing agency, you will be set up for an efficient and effective candidate search, finding the best possible candidates from entry-level to executives. Better yet, build a long term business partnership with a staffing company to ensure that you are ready to take on whatever workforce challenges lie ahead.

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