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How to Recruit Creative Talent

Top-level creative talent has increasingly become a hot commodity for companies, especially as businesses across all sectors are putting a greater emphasis on their digital marketing efforts. Living in a digitally-driven world, brands are showing up where their audience already is – online – and the fight for brand visibility has become increasingly competitive.

Algorithms, custom targeting, and outbidding the competition in ad spend are all factors that play into a brand’s reach. Still, with the internet being such a visual medium, above all else, high-quality, creative content often separates a brand from its competition. 

As the demand for creative talent increases, it’s essential that companies take an intentional, innovative, and strategic approach to recruiting their top-level creative talent. 

Clearly Define the Requirements

Often, hiring managers and leadership approach the hiring process without a clear picture of what they truly need. Creating a role as you go along is one of the top mistakes hiring managers can make. Although keeping an open mind while meeting candidates is important, not having requirements defined properly may cause the recruiting process to be unnecessarily messy.

Be sure to ask yourself the following questions before beginning the recruitment process:

  • What is our company/department need?
  • How will this role fit into our long-term company strategy?
  • What specific skills and experience are required for this role?

Be specific and verify.

When it comes to recruiting creative talent, don’t make assumptions about a candidate’s skill set. If your company is looking for a photographer, don’t assume candidates will also have videography skills. Or, take an Art Director, for example – they may be skilled at offering strategic insights to creative projects, but that doesn’t mean they are able (or want) to execute those ideas.

Especially for creative roles, it’s crucial to define whether the position is hands-on or managerial. Some candidates will have strong technical skills, but lack the ability to conceptualize projects or manage others, or vice versa. When interviewing candidates, be clear and upfront with your expectations for the role.

Take the verification process one step further and ask to see a candidate’s portfolio. Due to the typical nature of hiring managers requesting to view work samples, creative candidates often work proactively to compile a dossier of content for this purpose.

Here are a few creative roles to consider:

Photographer – captures and produces photos with a film or digital camera and is often responsible for editing and post-production of photos.

Videographer – captures events using a camera, lighting, and audio equipment, and is often responsible for editing and post-production work of footage.

Creative Writer/Writer – produces written copy for various mediums, including books, brochures, promotional, and digital marketing material.

Graphic Designer – develops visual concepts to communicate ideas and produces designs, typically using computer software.

Art Director – develops a visual style and directs a creative team in its implementation.

Illustrator – creates designs and visual concepts, often by hand, and uploads them digitally.

Search for Balance

Talented creatives harness their imaginative minds to bring a vision to life using their talent and technical skill. However, what separates top-level talent from the rest of the skilled creative pool, is their ability to see the big picture, tap into left-brain thinking, and approach each creative task strategically.

To find top talent that possesses a multifaceted skillset, pay close attention to the roles and details listed on the candidate’s resume, and search for evidence of strategic experience. Be sure to ask about their previous experience and their relationship to the rest of their team; were they involved in the strategic planning process?

Some hiring managers may even think about having creative candidates take a pre-employment test, like a cognitive aptitude test, to assess their critical thinking abilities.

Craft a Creative Job Post

To catch the attention of top-level creative talent, take a fresh approach to the job description. A stale job description indicates a work culture where creativity isn’t highly valued. Craft an innovative job description that matches the type of creative thinker you’re looking to hire.

Harness your compelling creative writing skills and craft a job description that sells.

  • Avoid too much fluff or unnecessary language
  • Make sure your writing is clear
  • Use strong keywords that pertain to the role
  • Set specific requirements
  • Highlight your company culture through your writing style

Search Creative Forums

You’ll find that many creatives pursue their passion through a side gig, especially those among the millennial generation. If you’re looking to find top-level creative talent and proof of their abilities, look to the internet. Social media platforms, like Instagram, are a goldmine for finding potential candidates.

Sure, most people aren’t anticipating a job request through their Instagram DMs, but developing your personal social recruiting tactics will give you a competitive edge in reaching your targeted creative audience. Promote jobs organically and even through paid ads on your company’s social media platforms. And, monitor your social accounts to see who is interacting and engaging with your content.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency will save you time and hassle when recruiting creatives. With access to an extensive candidate pool and a large network of connections, companies that work with staffing agencies have a competitive advantage over those who go it alone.  

Recruiting requires a strategic approach and a clear understanding of talent within the field. Staffing agencies have this experience, employing specialized experts that are knowledgeable in market trends. This insight leads to better, more efficient outcomes when searching for top-level creative candidates.

To learn more about what FrankCrum Staffing can do to assist in your search for creatives, call 888-670-1844.

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