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4 Ways Hiring Seasonal Workers Can Benefit Employers

Seasonal workers go by many names including temps, contract workers, contingent employee’s consultants, freelancers or even interns. They’re hired based on the seasonality of the business, which may or may not take place during the actual holiday season. For example, the seasonality of a small ice cream shop on the beach would be summertime.

Sometimes, hiring seasonal workers isn’t about seasonality at all because a temp may be hired to fill in for a full time employee’s family leave or vacation. No matter the reason they might be needed, here are four ways seasonal workers can benefit employers.

1. Seasonal Employees Keep Things Flexible

Hiring seasonal workers allows employers to keep staffing levels flexible because temps increase capacity without necessarily increasing overhead. When production demand is high, using temps to supplement full-time staff members can keep fixed overhead low, and give employers time to evaluate the situation and make educated hiring decisions for the future. 

Temps can keep the business staffed while employers find the perfect fit. Some employers hire temps to fill in while they look for the perfect candidate to fill a position. This allows sales to remain productive and gives employers more time to conduct the candidate search. 

Seasonal employees can also help reduce the burdens created by rapid growth by: 

  • Filling in for staff who are developing plans
  • Alleviating additional administrative work 

In any of these scenarios, using temporary workers can reduce or eliminate the need for overtime, which helps reduce burnout and keep staff positive and productive.   

2. Temps Can Provide Expertise 

Some employers utilize a contingent workforce on a regular basis for special projects or development. A contingent workforce typically consists of freelancers, independent contractors and consultants who are not on the company’s payroll, but who are hired on an on-demand basis. The contingent workforce has grown to include a broad range of technical expertise including engineers, developers, IT specialists and other professionals.

These highly skilled professionals can be used on a temporary basis to educate employees, bring new skills to the organization and reduce learning curves with new technology. They can also manage new projects as things ramp up and move on when they’re no longer needed.

3. Seasonal Workers Can Become Permanent

Every year, thousands of seasonal workers become permanent at companies across the country, and employees often see seasonal positions as a potential “foot in the door.” In fact, companies like UPS hire tens of thousands of people for seasonal jobs and offer many part time and full time employment opportunities from there. 

Employers tend to like this method of hiring because it’s an opportunity to “try out” potential future hires, and then offer positions to those who deserve them most. Some companies intentionally hire so-called temp-to-hire workers for a trial period to learn if they have the skills and personality a job demands.

4. Staffing Companies Have a Wide Network of Temps

Partnering with a staffing company during the busy season can eliminate the hassles of hiring and help keep businesses in compliance with employment laws. Staffing companies have a wide network of available employees and even offer benefits like health care and other perks and employee discounts to those on longer term assignments. 

Because staffing companies manage payroll for the shared employees, the staffing company takes care of staying current with labor laws, minimum wage, overtime, child labor, working hours and other aspects of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

Whether an employer is seeking a contract, temp-to-hire or direct hire, staffing companies like FrankCrum Staffing thoroughly prescreen candidates to ensure the best fit possible for partner companies. FrankCrum Staffing’s recruitment services include: 

  • Access to a broad candidate network
  • Telephone screening and full resume and application review
  • Skills assessment and development
  • Personal interview with every candidate
  • Reference interviews
  • Background checks 

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